The Best Story of Mass Effect

In a universe occupied by many different species how does humanity fit in and what aspect of the universal struggle do we relate to these are questions you have to answer internally as you progress in the Mass Effect trilogy games that showed us exactly what it would be like if humanity was only a small part of what was going on in the universe. Certainly it’s focused through the lens of people because we’re people that’s just what we do but the Mass Effect games attempt to remind us just how small we are you take on the role of Commander Shepard who could be various people of different races genders backgrounds depending on who you want to be and start on a mission investigating some peculiarities.

It’s interesting to look back on now because you can kind of go wait are they doing a robot zombie game but then you find out there’s more to it you gradually peel back layer upon layer until you find out just how insignificant every species is not just us. Oh and side note one of the robot zombies is one of my favorite characters they turn out not really to be robots zombies just to be fair know the guests were not the real enemy in or was Sarin. Rogue Specter double agent. No Sarin was gradually further and further consumed and under the control of the real enemy the Reapers billions of organic mines connected within a machine that can last forever.

Mechanical love craftian nightmare that essentially allows for the evolution and creation of species for harvest the Reapers wait until species are able to evolve to a point where they can be useful send out collectors or genetically modified descendants of a race that they once harvested to abduct the species after which they process them and incorporate their minds life force and existence into a new Reaper essentially they end life in the galaxy every time they do this it’s a cycle and one you have to break but you’re not alone. In fact if you were alone Mass Effect wouldn’t be what Mass Effect is what makes it such a special experience of the many characters that you meet and share your time with along the way from Tali’zorah Aquarian on her pilgrimage to bring something back to her people from outside to Morton solace a scientist busybody Jabbar mouth who you end up not being able to get enough of Rex Krogan mercenary who eventually dedicates himself to solving his species problems inflicted on them in the form of the genophage. To Garrus Vakarian who is a walking contradiction that manages to be one of the most endearing characters in any video game I’ve ever played with the cast of characters is so vast and changes so much depending on who you are and what you put into the game the choices that you make that my experience though it may end in a very similar place was completely different from yours. Mass Effect has an interesting name in that the word effect implies that the thing important about it is the result but in all actuality Mass Effect is all about the journey over the three games your relationship with the characters develops as much as the combat system does and truly end as a sum of all of.

The best ideas and come on Martin Sheen is the Illusive man one of the best game villains ever and although he wasn’t the only big name in the voice cast there’s a large range of voices from various walks of experience and they all right and there’s so much to do you could take a very long time getting into the nitty-gritty of the storyline but there’s so much else to do like exploring planets. Planetary exploration is vast and interesting you got to drive around in a really cool vehicle called the Mako and find various items and elements some of which would expose more lure of the Mass Effect universe which by the end of the trilogy was such an incredibly fleshed out in interesting place to be that you didn’t want to leave but the ending of the trilogy didn’t even function as a real goodbye that was done later in a dlc and it made it much harder that last her a situation with all those characters you learned about you knew you felt close to as though they were your friends to know that was the end of that even though it was happy and goofy was actually pretty tough. Mass Effect was great because it said so much how insignificant we all are on a cosmic level both as individuals and as a species while also reminding us in our world in our lives in our daily existence we are significant plus the combat was a badass man that game is fun i miss that. So are you immediately going to boot up Mass Effect after this what was your favorite part of the game.

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